My name is Fela, and I am a student living in London. Next year I plan on moving out to go to university - preferably Cambridge - to study Mathematics. This website is mainly a collection of old pictures, videos and other stuff. The blog posts are not meant to be taken seriously; moreover, as their age increases the amount of notice you should take of them approaches zero.

I am a political person. I am:

  • Pro-civilisation: we are better off in a concrete, technological world than a tribe or a jungle or a "commune".
  • Pro-science: not only for the good it does, but its aesthetic nature and enlightening values.
  • Pro-secularism: freedom from and of religion in equal measure. This extends to freedom of speech and conscience too.
  • Liberal: within reason, what people do on their own or consensually does not bother me, and should not bother you.
  • Pro-capitalism: if socialism has anything to offer us at all, it cannot be at the expense of a free economy.
  • Anti-evil: defeat it where possible, don't appease it or ignore it.
  • A believer that the first world war was a huge mistake, but the second was a legitimate struggle against evil by the Western freedom fighters.

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9 days ago

Private crypto keys are accessible to Heartbleed hackers, new data shows - well, shit. http://t.co/x6Vy7l37Q1